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Can You Move up the Corporate Ladder in a Call Center?

If you think that being a call center agent in the Philippines is a dead-end career, think again. While it’s true that there are agents who have been doing the same job for several years, it pays to remember that there are definitely opportunities for Filipino call center agents to get a promotion and find success doing their job.

Call centers in the Philippines are run not only by agents, but also by team leaders and managers. If a call center agent starts taking his or her career advancement seriously, then he or she definitely has a chance for promotion or getting a raise.

Here are some tips a call center agent must remember in order to advance his/her career:

Perform well

The first step in getting a promotion in any industry in the Philippines is performing well. For call center agents, this means handling all calls in a satisfactory manner, having a good attendance, maintaining a good relationship with customers, and boosting sales for clients.

Remember to develop your skills in order to perform your tasks well. You can do this either through self-studying at home or through being coached by supervisors. It also pays to remember that no matter how long you have been doing your job, there will always be things that you can still learn. Call centers like Stellar Philippines regularly hold individual and team performance reviews to show agents how well they are doing at their job.

Maintain a clean track record

Performing well at work won’t help your career if you don’t maintain a clean track record. This means keeping track of the ground rules and strictly abiding by them. Although call centers in the Philippines are known for micromanaging, find a way to not be disgruntled by the strict break times, attendance checks, and quality assurance monitoring. If you are truly serious about your job, adhering to your employers’ rules won’t be a cause for you to lose motivation.

Take control of your career advancement

If you want to advance your career through a promotion, you need to look at all the options available to you, considering your skill set and qualifications.

The first step is to invest in yourself. If you are an undergraduate, work as a call center agent until you can earn enough money to finish your degree and apply for higher positions. If you are having trouble with maintaining a good relationship with others, then it’s time you improve on your people skills. BPO companies in the Philippines like Stellar hold succession programs to ensure that their agents learn the skills they need in order to qualify for a promotion.

Once you have good qualifications and an array of valuable skills, there will be more positions you can apply for and more opportunities will open their doors to you.

Expect rejection

When applying for a promotion, always expect rejection, no matter how much you want the job or no matter how qualified you are for the position. There will always be factors outside your control which may lead to the rejection of your application. However, if you are truly determined to take on other roles, you shouldn’t use this as a reason to be discouraged.

Don’t settle for less

Aside from getting rejections from employers, prepare to reject job offers. If you are given an offer that’s less than what you think you’re worth, learn to politely decline. Assess your options and review if the position you’re getting will significantly be better than the one you’re leaving. Aside from pay grade, check if it offers advancements in position level and if it gives you opportunities to learn even more skills.


While there’s tough competition for promotion in a call center, it’s not impossible to move forward with your career. Always remember that the Philippines’ BPO sector is also run by managers and leaders who may have started out as a simple agent, just like you.