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Find a Job using Social Media

Do you have Facebook and twitter account? I think you do. Even children nowadays have social media accounts and they know how it works. Like a lot of young people, if you do have an account, you may go online every day to check your profile, spending couple hours just catching up to the status or the tweets of online friends, posting your own replies, uploading your photos, or sharing whatever catches your fancy on your Wall.

The widespread of using social media is not just for getting in touch with friends and family, but it is also being used as business advertisement, networking, and any other form of campaigns. The good thing, is you can also use your social media profiles in finding a jobs. But you may ask how would this work for you. So here’s how to get started.

Personal and Professional

Do a separate account for your personal and professional social media profiles. Imagine yourself as a hiring manager. As part of your background investigation, you go online and look at the applicants’ Facebook or Twitter accounts. Would you hire someone who posts tweets or status messages that are full of profanity or vulgarity? Would you like someone who has a photo on Facebook got wasted from a party to be your co-worker?

Yes, you may say that its none of your business but lets accept the fact that many hiring managers and recruiters is now turning to social media to further investigate about their applicant’s background. So if really can’t stop from posting too personal status on social media, keep your personal account private or protected and make a new account for your professional profile.

Treat your Social Media Profiles as your Resume

Always remember to include any relevant skills and your area of interest in your social media’s about or description page. Sell your skills and update it often when you have additional skills acquired. Most importantly, make your social media profile available to the public so that you can be easily find by employers who are looking qualified candidates like you. Please make sure to include your contact information like email, Skype id, and phone number so that you can be easily reach. Also, provide a title or description about your profession including a keywords relevant to your skills for SEO purposes.

Be Proactive in Looking for Opportunities Online

If you’re active in Twitter, look for hash tags that are related to the career you’re aiming for. Search for tweets which you can follow-up. In Facebook, join groups or pages that are related to your interests and post meaningful comments on threads. You would want potential employers to see you interacting with the community with relevant contributions. Make sure to check for typos and grammatical error, though, before you press Enter.

Be careful what you say online

If you have a website or blog, or if you like commenting on blogs and forums, or sharing public notes in Facebook or elsewhere, always remember to be careful with your words. Whatever you publish online is permanently recorded and available for anyone to read, including your family, and yes, even the hiring managers of the companies you wish to work for. Never write something that you know you will regret later.


If you’re not yet using social media to establish contacts for career opportunities, you should better do it now. Create at least one professional account and start from there. Creating an account at LinkedIn, twitter, and Facebook would be a good start.