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Free Job Posting

Free Job Posting in the Philippines

The online recruitment or the E-recruitment process nowadays is the most common used by Companies and recruitment agencies to speed up their recruitment and hiring process. Surprisingly, as hundreds and thousands of registered companies in the Philippines, there are also hundreds of local job sites who offered free job postings. Although they provide the same service which is the free job posting and advertisement, we can say that they are uniquely different from each other.  In terms of their logo, tagline, platform, user interface design, and the way they provide solutions to your online recruitment needs.

Most likely, users will tend to post their job vacancies to job sites where it has already established a reputation. And of course, the most visited site where their published job vacancies can be easily seen and searchable through the web.

Why choose Free Job Posting

Free Job Posting is truly a useful way to supercharge a recruitment process. Many recruitment agencies have moved much of their recruitment process online so as to improve the speed by which candidates can be matched with actual and live vacancies. There are some companies’ claims that 40% of the new hires come from the online application, and online resumes increases as job seekers preferred to seek employment on the internet rather than reading newspapers or walking in to the office.

Common Companies who use Job Online Posting

  • Recruitment Agency
  • BPO Company
  • Outsourcing Agency

The Benefits of Free Job Posting

A free job posting can save you both time and money. Though there are some companies who used premium job posting especially for their urgent job vacancies because they want immediate replacement or additional personnel to fill in to continue the operation smoothly without being compromise.

Also, your job advertisements will be displayed on most search engines as well as your company will being recognized because most job sites required you to input your company information.

Common search terms or keyword in finding a job

Most job sites are using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ready framework thus your job title and description will be searchable using keywords. Here are the most common search terms in finding a job in the Philippines:

  • jobs in the Philippines
  • jobs in manila
  • jobsdb
  • find jobs in the Philippines
  • jobs in Cebu
  • work abroad
  • apply jobs online

Tips on how to make your job ads searchable using Free job posting

When you post your job ad using a free job posting, make sure you do the following:

  • Write a relevant Job Title (ex. Mobile App Developer)
  • Write a detailed content or job description at least more than 300 words. Most job sites used wysiwyg editor in their post a job form where you can format your content like font style, color, heading tags. This way your job description is easily to read and presentable.
  • Upload your Company logo
  • Write about your company’s information and contact details
  • Some job sites include a tag and keyword fields in their form. So take advantage on this feature as this will help increase your change in getting you notice on search engines. Write relevant target keywords or phrases.