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Preview job seekers application in your dashboard

We’ve been busy since we launched trabahotayo free job posting website, and now we got good news for you that will surely supercharge your employment effort and make everything easy for you in managing your job advertisement and your applicants.

We know that most of the Human Resource Department (HRD) who administered online job posting whether a free job board site or a paid one has any of these following questions listed below:

  • How many applicants have I received for my job post?
  • Who are the applicants?
  • When was the most recent application?
  • Was the applicant a registered or non-registered member?
  • How come I can’t download the applicant’s files from my dashboard?

And we are sure that many of you had these questions and had hoped to have the answers ready when you logged-in to your personal account and check your dashboard.

Well, now you have!

Job posts with applications display “[x] applicants”is indicated  in bold text next to the posting date. Click on it to see the list and details of the applicants. One thing to note is the Download button that appears on the right of the jobseeker’s information denotes the applicant has not posted an online resume so you need to download his CV/Resume.

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It’s our goal is to provide you the best online tool for your recruitment needs. If you have any questions and concerns regarding job posting and advertisement, our support team is always ready to give you solution and advice.