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Why Post Resume Online?

post resume onlinePost Resume Online: Application After Application

Even today there are job seekers who preferred to send their application letter directly to Human Resource Department by dropping it to the company’s application box or sending it through mail using the traditional postal system. But this could be due to some reasons like no internet, lack of knowledge to browse the internet, and no idea at all how to apply online.

Most Job seekers in the metro cities tend to applied as walk-in applicant in 2 or 3 companies a day. This is costly indeed, as you need to spend money to make several hard copies of your resume and application letter plus transportation cost. It must be so frustrating to know that you are being declined during your interview considering your expenses and effort.  So do not put too much expectation in yourself and now you need to hop over to another companies. You need to learn from your experience of a tedious application after application. So be practical today, and be proactive in your job hunting effort. Why post resume online? Since there are many job sites who offered this service already.

Post Resume Online: A Free Application Submission Online

These days more and more employers want their prospective candidates to find job openings on company web sites or Internet job boards like career builder,,, and They require online applications and they prefer to communicate with potential hires through e-mail. Hiring with the aid of technology is a time and money-saving proposition for modern businesses today. It has maximized their efficiency in the candidate selection process and gives them the chance to search for their employees rather than being bombarded by them on the job.

Companies say they can advertise to a wider, more diverse candidate group when they go online and this in turn means that you’ve got more competition than ever before! You will need to find matches for hard-to-fill positions, easily share resumes of qualified candidates with hiring managers, fine tune the hiring process, and tighten the timeline between the need for a new employee and the date the employee starts on the job.

Employers say that using the company’s own online application system is the fastest way to get your resume into the right hands and there are always websites that help you connect to them. When you are writing your online resume, you will want to make sure that your focus should be on making your application different from the others to avoid its being overlooked by the various employers out there.

Post Resume Online: Why need to do this?

Why Post resume online? This is the question that you need to find the right and helpful answers. Let me give you some ideas to point out why you need to post resume online:

Save time and money. Most job sites offer a free resume submission. All you need to do is to upload your updated resume and write up your cover letter. This can be done in just a few steps and you will get noticed without paying any fees.

Profile updates. Most job sites like and provides a way to update your profile. This feature can help you make your application stand out and different from the other candidates.

Fast application response. Once you sent your cover letter and resume to the employer using online application. They will get it instantly from their inbox and have the ability to review your profile right away. Most likely they will schedule you for an interview if they see that you are fit.

You are searchable on the net. Most job sites gives you the ability to create a profile to support your resume like A more specific Profession or Title you provided could make you  searchable on most search engines like google. So a good title and detailed description about yourself is beneficial and a big chance of getting you notice by somebody out there.